• More than 20 channels included
  • True High Definition quality
  • Local channels and US networks included
  • All channel add-ons available
  • All Set-top-boxes include a PVR at no additional cost

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The Kamai 500 Entone Set Top Box (STB) Powerful platform for delivering hybrid TV and streaming media services. Easily integrates with existing in-home networks and broadband services.

  • All Set-top-boxes include a PVR at not additional cost
  • 50+ hours of HD recording
  • Set recordings and play back recorded programs.
  • Watch live TV while you record up to 2 other channels.
  • Pause Live TV (including while you record another channel)
  • Ethernet port, HDMI port, USB port

For more information on how to self-install PVR see our TV Troubleshooting FAQ

Options Price
Rent $10/month
Purchase $150
Purchase Refurbished $75

Taxes not included. Television service provided by TOTALTV. Minimum Internet plan speed of 10 Mbps required for Television service. Internet service must be from Distributel or another eligible TOTALTV agent. Distributel supplied Set Top Box(es) required and can be purchased (new or refurbished) or rented. Refurbished equipment is based on availability. If Set Top Box(es) cannot be directly connected to an active Internet connection through an Ethernet port via Modem or Router, you may also require PLC Adapters to deliver an active Internet connection through the existing powerlines in your home. *The first pair of PLC Adapters are $0, while each additional new PLC adapter can be purchased for $30. Each additional refurbished PLC adapter can be purchased for $20. *An external hard drive is required for PVR functionality, not supplied. A one-time $10 Shipping fee per order. Activation and Installation fees may apply at the same rates as Internet (charged once). A separate $25 activation fee applies for customers with Internet service from an agent other than Distributel. Offer available where technology and content license permits. Use of Distributel services is subject to our Acceptable Use Policy. Terms and Conditions apply.
TOTALTV reserves the right to change or alter channel lineups with or without notice and only in the event of regulatory constrictions, content agreement changes or other unforeseen circumstances. TOTALTV will work to avoid changes or alterations without notification when possible.

PLC (Power Line Connector)

PLC is an acronym for Power Line Connector

What are PLCs?
PLCs are adapters that transmit the TV signal using the existing electrical wiring in the home, instead of using ethernet cables. Important – Check the fuse panel, PLCs cannot be used with glass fuses.

Do I need PLCs?
PLCs are optional. If the Set Top box is going to be far away from the modem/router and it is not convenient to run an ethernet cable to connect them, PLCs are a great option. PLCs can be purchased at any electronics store. Distributel offers the first 2 PLCs free with our TOTALTV service.

How many PLCs do I need?
You need one PLC connected the modem/router and one for each of the Set Top boxes that is not connected by an ethernet cable.

For more information on PLCs see our TV Troubleshooting FAQ