Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

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  • Billing and Payment Options

  • Understanding Your Bill

  • New Area Codes

  • Saving Options

  • Switching to Distributel

  • Tax Exemption

  • Services FAQ

  • Yak Digital Home Phones

  • High Speed Internet

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Account Management Options

How do I make account changes?
  • You can always call in for assistance at 1-877-810-2877 but you can also manage many elements of your account online. Simply create an account here:
  • You can log in through the Online Portal section of our website.
How far in advance should I notify you if I’m moving?
  • The more notice the better. Please note that if you notify us less than 2 weeks before your move date, an appointment to connect your High Speed Internet may not be available since some of our carriers request a notice of 10 business days.
  • We can transfer all other services, such as Long Distance, Digital Home Phone and TV, to a new location within 24 hours (as long as they are not paired with Internet Services).
How much is the moving fee?
  • There is a $60 fee for moving your Distributel High Speed Internet service.
Will a technician need to come to my home when I move my service?
  • Not all moves require a technician. Upon setting up your move with a Specialist, you will be advised if a technician is required.
Can I change my move appointment?
  • Yes, as long as you notify us 72 hours before the move.
What happens if I miss my move appointment?
  • You will need to call us at 1-877-810-2877 or use our Click to Chat service to book a new appointment.
Can I keep the same services and use the same equipment after I move?
  • Our Specialist will verify which services are available at your new location. In some cases, new equipment might be required and you may need to upgrade or downgrade your service level. Our Specialist will inform you if there is a need for new equipment and inform you how to return the old equipment.

Billing And Payment Options

Will I receive a monthly invoice in the mail?
  • No, we do not send monthly invoices by mail since your bill should be the same every month unless you incur variable charges on a per minute Long Distance plan, make collect calls or surpass the limit on a capped Internet plan.
  • You can review your statements online in the My Account section of our secure website whenever you like for variable charges.
  • In the event the fixed cost of your services changes, we will notify you in writing either electronically or by mail.
Can I monitor and pay my bills online?
What methods of payment are available?
  • We offer monthly pre-authorized payments using either your credit card, Visa debit or your bank account.
Are there any termination fees for cancelling?
  • No. Unless you are on a fixed term contract.

Understanding Your Bill

Download PDF

New Area Codes

Visit our New Area Codes section for more information.

Saving Options

How much can I save if I bundle?
  • You will receive a discount if you bundle Yak Digital Home Phone service with one of our High Speed Internet plans. The amount of the discount will vary depending on the Yak Digital Home Phone plan you select.
  • You will save even more by bundling Internet, Yak Digital Home Phone and TotalTV - ( currently only available in Ontario and Quebec ).
  • Check out the “Bundles” section of our web site for more details.
Can I save more if I agree to a fixed term contract?
  • You sure can. Your monthly savings will vary based on the service(s) and the length of the term you choose.
Can I save by buying the equipment?
  • Modems: We offer great options to help you save on equipment costs and to meet your personal preference. You can rent, rent to own for 12 months or save the most by simply purchasing the equipment outright. All Rent-to-Own and purchased equipment comes with a 1-year warranty. If you choose to rent your equipment, it will remain under warranty until you cancel your services. You can also choose to purchase refurbished equipment which has been inspected, cleaned, repaired (if necessary) and repackaged.Refurbished equipment may have some cosmetic wear and comes with a three month warranty.
  • TV Equipment: All TV equipment can be purchased (new or refurbished). A rent-to-own option is also available.

Switching to Distributel

How do I check which services are available at my address?
  • Simply select any service via the top banner at and enter the address where you need service. The options available at your location will be displayed.
  • The Internet options will include download speed (Mbps), upload speed and technology (dial-up, Cable or DSL/FTTN).
  • Our Digital Home Phone service is available across Canada, but does require a High Speed Internet connection. Our Television service is available in Quebec and Ontario only, but we are expanding.
How do I sign up?
  • Switching has never been easier. We provide many convenient options for you to sign up and start saving. Sign up online in just a few easy clicks. Simply choose your service, check availability and complete the order. Or, you can call us at 1-877-810-2877 and speak to our friendly specialists who will help you figure out which combination of services is right for you.
If I sign up for service, do I need to advise my current provider to notify them of the change?
  • Actually, in most cases we’ll take care of that for you unless you ordered the service online. Our specialist will explain what we require in order to submit the cancellation on your behalf.
What can I expect during my High Speed Internet installation?
  • We strive to make the transition process as smooth as possible for you by leveraging our superior carrier relations.
  • You can expect your Cable Internet service to be installed in 7-10 business days after your order is submitted.
  • You can expect your DSL Internet service to be installed in 5-7 business days after your order is submitted.
  • Depending on the type of service, the equipment included in your package may differ.
  • Please consult the “Setup Guides” section of the Customer Centre and download the guide which corresponds to your service(s) to understand the list of items that will be sent to you.
  • For some installations, a technician may be required to get everything set up. If necessary, our Customer Care team will book an appointment that fits your schedule. You should also ensure that a responsible person over 18 years of age is present for the appointment.
What can I expect during my Yak Home Phone installation?
  • If you already have an active High Speed Internet service, getting phone service up and running can take 3-5 business days after we receive your confirmed order. As soon as you’ve received your equipment, you will be able to start making calls.
  • If you’ve chosen to keep your old phone number, your number will be transferred over between 7-8am on the first business day after your installation and incoming calls will be routed by your former carrier until the port is complete.
  • If you are taking advantage of the savings available to you by Bundling Distributel services, you will receive your Internet Voice Gateway in your Welcome Package along with the other equipment.
  • Please consult the “Setup Guides” section of the Customer Centre and download the guide which corresponds to your service(s) to understand the list of items that will be sent to you.
What can I expect during my TV service installation?
  • Depending on your area and the Internet Technology selected, the typical activation time for your TV & Internet package ranges from 5 to 10 business days after we receive your order: this includes time required to process orders for Internet and for TV, plus the shipping of your equipment.
  • Please consult the “Setup Guides” section of the Customer Centre and download the guide which corresponds to your service(s) to have the list of items that should be sent to you
How long will it take to activate my Distributel Long Distance plan?
  • The service will be activated within 24 hours of receiving your request. However, the activation of the Equal Access service option can take 5-7 business days.
  • When adding overseas access, a credit check will be required.

Tax Exemption

If you live on a reserve and are eligible for a tax exemption, Distributel can provide you with an exemption from the GST Tax.

A few simple steps need to be followed in order to process your request so it can be applied to your account. Below are some guidelines:

Person living on a reserve and eligible for a tax exemption:
  1. Please email a copy of your Status card (front and back) to
    Please ensure that the copy you send is legible and that you include your Distributel account number. Your email should indicate that this is to be used for tax exemption.
  2. Once the information is received, we will take care of making the appropriate changes to your account including refunding current billing taxes.

For more information on tax exemptions, please refer to the Government of Canada website on Tax Exemptions - under the heading Goods and services tax/Harmonized sales tax (GST/HST).

Person resident of Ontario living off a reserve:
  • If you live off a reserve and are a resident of Ontario, you may be eligible for a rebate from the Ontario provincial government.
  • For more information on the rebate process please visit the Government of Ontario website on Tax Rebates.

Services FAQ


Why is your Digital Home Phone named Yak?
  • Yak is the latest brand in the Distributel family. We offer the best digital voice product available today with all the great features, plus Clear Voice, a technology that provides users with crystal-clear voice calls using enhanced noise reduction technologies. These include:
    • Reduction of transmitted noise - normally caused by quality of handset or background sound
    • Reduction of acoustic echo - a reflection of the user's own voice
    • Reduction of level imbalances – a downward correction for high pitch, and upward correction for low pitch.
How does the Yak Digital Home Phone service work?
  • Yak Digital Home Phone is a VoIP service (Voice over Internet Protocol).
  • A VoIP phone is no different than a regular home phone except that it is set up to transfer digital signals via an Internet connection, rather than through your regular landline phone plug.
  • VoIP is an exciting technology that is changing the way people talk. Not only does it have the ability to slash your phone bill, but it will also streamline your communications set up because of all of the great features and benefits.
How much money can I expect to save if I sign up for Distributel Digital Home Phone service?
  • Many residential customers who have switched from traditional landlines see their bills reduced by as much as 60%.
  • Once you have signed up to one of our Digital Home Phone packages, the calling costs and monthly service fees are far lower than many other regular landline options.
Does the Yak Digital Home Phone service have better features and benefits than a traditional landline?
  • Yes. There’s really no comparison.
  • At Distributel, we pride ourselves with having the most options to ensure that you find exactly what is right for you.
  • We offer Digital Home Phone in 3 different flavors:
    • Basic
    • Premium
    • Deluxe
  • All of the Yak Digital Home Phone plans come with the following features:
    • Unlimited Local Calling
    • Unlimited Yak-to-Yak Calling - so sign up a friend and Yak with them anytime for free!
    • Call display
    • Voicemail
    • Caller ID Block
    • Visual Call Waiting
    • Speed Dialling
    • 3 Way Calling
    • Free Listing (Optional)
    • Free Inter_Yak Calling
    • Service Codes
    • Keep existing number at now addional cost
  • In addition to the features, here are some of the added benefits you can enjoy by making the switch:
    • Choose a number from a different area code so your remote friends and family can call you locally and save on Long Distance costs
    • Take your phone with you when you travel and call back home locally as long as you have access to High Speed Internet
Can I keep my current phone number?
  • Yes, you are likely able to keep your current telephone number. Please contact us to verify the number availability in your area.
Can I take my Yak Home Phone service with me when I travel?
  • Yes. As long as you have access to High Speed Internet, you will be able to use your service. Secondly, please contact Distributel Technical Support prior to your departure as your equipment may need to be configured beforehand.
Can I speak on the phone and use the Internet at the same time?
  • Yes. You can to make or receive calls while you’re surfing the Web.
Does the Distributel Home Phone Service only work with a Distributel High Speed Internet connection?
  • No, you can use our phone service with any Internet connection, however, you can save up to $6 a month if you bundle Distributel Home Phone Service with one of our High Speed Internet packages.
Is there a minimum speed requirement to use the Distributel Home Phone service?
  • We recommend that your High Speed Internet connection have a minimum download speed of 2 Mbps and an upload speed of at least 500 Kbps to ensure the quality of your Yak Digital Home Phone service.
Can I use my own jacks to connect my phone?
  • Phone jacks are no longer necessary with Digital Home Phone. You simply connect your phone and Internet through a device called an “ATA”. Since our phone service uses the Internet, you will need to connect your primary phone to the voice gateway that will be provided to you. If you wish to have more than one phone device available, we recommend you acquire Multi handset Cordless phones, which can accommodate up to 5 telephone devices, depending on the model you choose.
Will my Yak Digital Home Phone service work if the power goes out?
  • No. Unless you have a back-up power source in place, your modem, router, home network and Internet Voice Gateway will not work in the event of a power outage.
Are 9-1-1 Emergency Services available with the Distributel Home Phone service?
  • Yes, the Yak Digital Home Phone service provides access to 9-1-1 Emergency. There are some differences between the 9-1-1 service dialled from your new Yak Digital Home Phone service and the traditional 9-1-1 service. When you dial 9-1-1 from your Yak Digital Home Phone service, our emergency service operator will answer your call. Our operator will verify that you are still located at the address you have registered with Distributel.
    If you are still at this location, our operator will transfer your call to the appropriate emergency agency. If you have moved your Yak Digital Home Phone service equipment, you will need to provide our operator with your current location. They will determine the appropriate emergency agency and then transfer your call accordingly. If you will be away from the service location that you registered with Distributel for an extended period of time and you will be taking your Yak Digital Home Phone service with you, we recommend that you update your user profile to ensure that the appropriate address is on file in the event of a 9-1-1 emergency call. This process may take up to 5 business days. Please contact one of our customer service agents to make any changes to your 9-1-1 profile. Please note that there may be an additional delay to transfer your emergency service call to areas not served by traditional 9-1-1.
    If you dial 9-1-1 when you are outside of Canada or of the United States, our emergency service operator will advise you to hang up and find a local phone and dial the appropriate emergency number (it may not be 9-1-1).

    Power disruptions or failures, Internet Service Provider (ISP) outages or unavailability and tampering with equipment will also prevent dialling to emergency service numbers including 9-1-1.

Does Distributel offer a 7-1-1 service for hearing and speech impaired people?
  • Message Relay Service (7-1-1) is available to Distributel Home Phone customers.
How do I access my voicemail?
  • To access your voicemail from your Distributel Home Phone, dial *98 followed by your PIN (which is, by default, your 7-digit account number) and the # key. If your account number is less than 7 digits, then simply add zeros in front for a total of 7 digits. To access your voicemail when you’re away from home, dial whichever access number is local to you and follow the recorded instructions.
Can I send a fax over the Distributel Home Phone service?
  • Yes. The service will work with all types of Cable, DSL or FTTN high speed Internet. Please ensure that the connection is stable before sending a fax, in order to ensure its transmission.
Can I change my phone number?
  • Yes, there’s a $25 charge if you decide to change your phone number.


What is the difference between DSL and Cable Internet?

Both are types of Internet signals that are often referred to as broadband or High Speed Internet:

  • DSL (Digital Subscriber Line):

    Delivers Internet directly through the copper phone wiring inside your home.

  • FTTN (Fiber to the node):

    In some areas, we also offer FTTN which is deployed the same way but is delivered via a fiber connection which allows for faster Internet speeds up to 50 Mbps. On our website we refer to all Internet service delivered over the telephone wires as DSL for simplicity.

  • Cable:

    Transmits digital data over existing Coaxial cable television lines in your home.

Do I need an active phone line to sign up for DSL Internet?
  • No. There are two types of DSL and FTTN connections; “Regular” and “Dry Loop”
  • Regular DSL requires an active landline.
  • Dry Loop DSL is what is installed when an active landline does not exist.
  • For customers with landlines in Alberta and BC on any DSL Service or in Quebec & Ontario on 6Mbps Service, no technician is required to go to the house.
  • Dry Loop DSL installations occur differently than Regular DSL. Depending on the previous provider, it is possible that the line is no longer going into the demarcation point. For this reason, a technician is scheduled to test the line at service address.
What are the system requirements?
  • System requirements vary based on the Internet speed you sign up for. In general, for operating systems, all versions of Windows, Mac OS, and Linux* released over the past fifteen years will function.For other requirements (processor, RAM, LAN card and Ethernet adapter), please consult the details of the individual Internet plans
Can I connect more than one computer to my Distributel Internet service?
  • WiFi enabled, multi-port modems are available on a number of our Internet plans. Please consult the detail pages of the plan you are interested in to see if that option is available.You can also use our ‘Compare Plans’ function which provides information on the available equipment for each plan.
  • If a WiFi enabled modem is not available from Distributel, you can purchase a router from any Big Box or Electronics store to enable WiFi functionality.
Can I still subscribe to Distributel Cable Internet service if I have High Speed DSL Internet service with another provider?
  • Yes, it is possible. Simply select the Cable Internet plan you are interested in on our website and check for service availability at your address.
What happens if I exceed my Internet data cap?
  • To ensure we have the most options for our customers, Distributel offers capped Internet plans for those who feel they don’t necessarily need an unlimited service because of their usage habits. If you do exceed the data exchange cap specified in your plan, a usage-based charge of $1 per GB will be applied, to a maximum of $50. Note that there is no maximum charge for speeds of 100 Mbps and higher.
Is there a data transfer limit?
  • Data transfer is only limited in cases where you choose to subscribe to a capped Internet plan or if the usage contravenes our Acceptable Use Policy.

DIAL-UP Internet

What is included in the Distributel Dial-Up Internet starter kit?
  • The Dial-Up starter kit includes the installation CD-ROM with our Web Accelerator.
What are Distributel server names (SMTP, POP and DNS)?
  • Note: Always use lower case.
  • Domain name:
  • IMAP:
  • POP Server:
  • SMTP Server:
  • Primary DNS:
  • Secondary DNS:
  • For hosting Web site only
What do I need to access Distributel Dial-Up Internet service?
  • You need a computer with an internal or an external Dial-Up modem and a telephone line capable of making outbound calls to a local dial-up telephone number.
Can I connect more than one computer to my Distributel Dial-Up Internet service?
  • No, it is not possible to connect multiple computers to a single Dial-Up connection.
What is the maximum speed of the Distributel Dial-Up Internet service?
  • Download: 56 Kbps
  • Upload: 33.6 Kbps or 48.0Kbps using a digital modem (V.92)
What system requirements are necessary to use the Dial-Up Internet service on my computer?
  • Operating system: all versions of Windows, Mac OS, and Linux released over the past fifteen years.
  • Processor: 166 MHz and above
  • RAM: 32 MB
  • Disk space: 30 MB
  • Internal or External dialup modem
  • CD-ROM reader
What is V.92 technology?
  • V.92 permits you to see incoming calls and to answer them while you are connected via dial-up to the Internet. A window opens on your screen indicating incoming phone calls and gives you the opportunity to answer them or to continue surfing. To use this service, you must have call waiting from your home phone service provider and have a V.92 compatible dial-up modem.


How can I send and receive emails from Distributel Webmail?
What’s my Distributel Webmail username?
  • Your username is the email address associated with your Distributel account.
What should I do if I’ve forgotten my password?
  • If you’ve forgotten your password, simply call our Customer Service. For security reasons, we can’t divulge your password via email.
If I’m already using a email address with a local mail client (such as Outlook), how do I get started with Distributel Webmail?
  • In order to switch to Distributel Webmail or to use your local mail client (such as Outlook) and Distributel Webmail interchangeably, you will need to switch your mail configuration from POP3 to IMAP. Simply select your mail client from the list provided and follow the easy, step-by-step instructions. Before getting started, make sure to have your username and password in-hand. Once you’ve switched your configuration to IMAP, simply visit and log in.
If I don’t want to use the Distributel Webmail, what information do I need to configure my email software?

Regardless of the email software you choose, they often require the same information about your account:

  • Email address:

    This is your user name followed by (Ex. - I thought we were no longer offering email addresses to new customers

  • Username:

    This is the nickname you choose when subscribing to Distributel. Must be between two (2) and ten (10) characters long.

  • Email password:

    This is the password you choose when subscribing to Distributel. Must be between six (6) and sixteen (16) characters long.

  • Incoming (IMAP) mail server: . This is the name of the server that receives your email.

  • Outgoing (SMTP) mail server: . This is the name of the server that sends email for you.

  • Display name:

    This is the name, like John Smith or Dr. Smith, that others will see when they receive your email.

How do I change my email password?

There are two options available to you:

  • You can click on the Webmail Internet Password Change link within the Customer Centre area of this website and fill out the form, or you can contact Customer Service and request that your email password be changed. These changes usually take effect within 24hours.
How do I add or remove an email address?
  • All of our Internet services come equipped with up to 5 distinct email addresses. In order to add or remove an email address, you must contact Customer Service and request this change.


What type of plans are available?
  • Check out all of our Yak Canada/US and World plans on our website for details, We offer great rates for your needs, and always provide the best rates when you bundle a plan with Yak Digital Home Phone service.
  • You can also choose to save by dialling our Access number first, or simply get low rates with Direct Dialling.
What are Yak Access Codes?
  • Access Codes are 10-digit telephone numbers that must be dialed before the Long Distance number that you want to call. The Access Code provides access to the Distributel network so that you can enjoy our low rates.
What access number should I be dialling to use my Distributel service?
Can I make a Long Distance call without dialling an Access Number?
  • Yes, we offer an Equal Access service which allows you to simply dial 1 followed by the area code and number you wish to dial.
  • When we provide you with this service, we become your dedicated Long Distance provider or Primary Interexchange Carrier (PIC) on your current phone line. All the Long Distance calls you make, whether domestic or International, will be routed directly through our network and billed at our best rates!

    NOTE: This service is only available to customers with Bell landlines. If you have Yak Digital Home Phone, Equal Access is included free of charge
Are there times when the calling is restricted?
  • No, Yak Long Distance plans are in effect at all times.
What calls are considered Local and what calls are considered Long Distance?
  • We use the same local calling areas as other Telecommunications Service Providers. To find out whether a call is local or long distance, go to
Are certain areas in Canada or the US excluded from the Canada/US Long Distance plan?
  • Yes, calls to Alaska, Hawaii, and the Canadian Territories are billed separately.
Are unused Yak Long Distance plan minutes transferable from one month to another?
  • No, minutes are reset each month.
What happens when I use up all my Yak Long Distance minutes allocated for one month?
  • Additional minutes will be billed at the applicable country rate as per your Long Distance plan.
In what increments are Yak Long Distance calls billed?
  • All calls are billed in full one minute increments, rounded up to the next minute.
Can I have multiple phone numbers registered to the same Yak Long Distance plan?
  • Yes, you can sign up to 3 phone numbers to the same YakLong Distance plan.
Can I register my fax line with Yak Long Distance?
  • Yes, Yak Long Distance can be used on either a fax or standard telephone line.
Am I required to make any arrangements with my current Long Distance carrier when I sign up for Distributel services?
  • No, our services can be used in conjunction with other Long Distance services. When you dial your local Distributel Access Number, you are choosing to place a call on our network. Other Long Distance providers have various fees associated with their Long Distance plans (such as monthly minimums or network fees). You may wish to review your Long Distance bill to ensure that you are not paying for anything you don't need.
  • If you are using our Direct Dial (PIC) service, we will notify your current Long Distance provider on your behalf and automatically cancel their service.
How do I make a Long Distance call using the Yak network?

Without the Direct Dial Service (two stage dialling):

    • Dial your local Access Numberfrom a touch-tone phone.
    • Wait for the dial tone.
    • Dial the destination number (by dialling "1" and the area code first).
  • Telephone numbers that begin with 1-555, 1-800, 1-866, 1-877, 1-888, 1-900 and 1-976 are not accessible through two stage dialling and must be dialed direct.
  • Our system has built-in diagnostic messages, so if you do make a mistake in dialling, the system will attempt to inform you of what happened.

With Direct Dial Service:

  • Dial 1.
  • Dial the area code.
  • Dial the destination number.
  • The Direct Dial service is not available for use with a cellular phone.
How do I know that the Equal Access Service has been activated on my phone line?
  • DistTo verify that our service has been activated, please dial 1-700-555-4141 from your phone line. A recorded message will inform you who your current Long Distance provider is. If the line has been activated with us, you should hear ‘Distributel’.
  • It may take up to 5 business days to process your order. Once you have confirmed that we are your Long Distance provider, you can begin placing calls directly instead of dialling an access code.
What is 1-700-555-4141?
  • 1-700-555-4141 is a toll-free number maintained by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (or CRTC). When you call 1-700-555-4141 a recorded message informs you of the current Long Distance carrier for the line called from.
Will I get any busy signals?
  • Our equipment is constantly monitored and upgraded. We design our network to provide the same grade of service as Bell Canada, which means that we provision for our busiest time of day. As a result, it is unlikely that you will encounter any busy signals when using our service.


Where can I use my Yak Travel Card?
  • You can use your Yak Travel Card from anywhere in Canada and the United States – including Alaska and Hawaii.
What are the benefits of the Yak Travel Card?
  • With the Yak Travel Card, you do not need to rely on expensive Hotel telephones when placing Long Distance calls while travelling. Unlike Pre-Paid Calling Cards, you do not need to worry about running out of minutes. Our Toll-Free number also enables you to place calls from any telephone in Canada and the United States, including Pay Phones.
Aren’t Cell Phones just as convenient for placing Long Distance calls while away from home?
  • While Cell Phones are flexible, you may incur expensive and unpredictable Roaming or Long Distance charges depending on the location where you are placing your call. The Yak Travel Card rates will not change, regardless of your location.
What rates will I be charged when using the Yak Travel Card?
  • Click here for a complete list of rates. Rates for calling landlines and Cell Phones are the same for calls placed to Canada and the United States. For some countries, a higher rate may apply for calling a Cell Phone. Certain countries may be subject to a credit check.
Are there minimum usage requirements to get these rates?
  • No, you get the best Yak Travel Card rates no matter how many calls you make.
Are the rates the same 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?
  • Yes, you will get the same Yak Travel Card rates no matter when you call.
What is a special country code termination? How do I find out if I'm dialling to a special country code termination?
  • A special country code termination is an International toll number assigned to certain institutions in various destinations. These may include army bases, universities, hospitals, banks and other government institutions. If you’re calling a special country code termination, your call could be billed at a higher rate. Some governments and organizations charge higher fees for these calls.
I have a different company than Yak for my Long Distance. Can I still use Yak Travel Card?
  • Yes. Yak Travel Card service is available to everyone no matter who their Long Distance company is – there is no need to switch.
Can I get more than one Yak Travel Card?
  • Yes. You can sign-up for as many Yak Travel Cards as you need.
Is there a connection fee when placing a call with the Yak Travel Card?
  • No, with Yak Travel Card there are no per call connection fees and or monthly fees.
How do I use my Yak Calling Card?
    1. Dial the Toll-Free Number (1-866-737-7055)
    2. Enter your Access Code (found on the card)
    3. Dial the destination number
    4. Enter the PIN you set up when you ordered the card
Will I ever get a busy signal when I call the Yak Travel Card Access Number?
  • No, you will not get a busy signal when you call the Yak Travel Card toll-free number. We have our own state-of-the-art digital switching system that will connect and complete your call.
When will I receive my Yak Travel Card?
  • You will receive your Yak Travel Card via email, usually within 2 business days. You must have an active account and you will require access credentials to complete your order.
Do I need to call Customer Service to activate my Yak Travel Card once I receive it?
  • No. The Yak Travel Card is already activated once you receive it. You can begin to place Long Distance calls immediately.


How does 10-10-Yak work?
  • Simple. By dialling 10-10-Yak (925) before each Long Distance call you place, you are sending a signal to your local phone company that this call is to be processed by Yak. Your local phone company routes the call to our network. We collect the call details, rate the call and send the information back to your local phone company for billing and collection. It’s neat, paperless, high-tech and you yakkers get the benefit of these super low rates.
Will my local or long distance service if I start to use 10-10-Yak?
  • No. The great thing about 10-10-Yak (925) is that you can save big on long distance without having to switch carriers. Just dial 10-10-Yak (925) before your Long Distance call and save your money.
What's the difference between 10-10-925 and 10-15-945?
  • Nothing. Both 10-10-925 and 10-15-945 work as Yak dial-around numbers and offer identical rates and services. 10-15-945 was simply the original Yak number and 10-10-925 was introduced because it was easier to remember. Feel free to use whichever number you prefer.
What if I call with Yak and no one picks up? Will I still be charged for the call?
  • No. With Yak you will only pay for calls that are connected. Connected calls include connections to answering machines and voice mail. All connected calls 10 seconds or more in duration are subject to a 20 cent minimum charge.
What increments does Yak use to bill its calls?
  • Yak bills calls by the minute and adjusts the length of the call to the next minute. For example, if a call lasts for two minutes and forty-five seconds, it will be billed at three minutes.
What if I forget to dial 10-10-Yak before my call?
  • Only when you dial 10-10-Yak (925) before your number, will that call be carried on our network and billed at low Yak rates. Or, better yet, forget dialling extra numbers altogether and switch to Yak Long Distance.
If I use someone other than the local phone company for my Long Distance calls, can I still use Yak?
  • Definitely. As long as you have access to placing long distance calls, you can dial 10-10-Yak before your Long Distance call to save money. All your 10-10-Yak calls will appear on your regular local phone bill. Or, get the best rates by signing up for Yak Long Distance and Yak Digital Home Phone.
Do I wait for a dial tone after I dial 10-10-Yak before I dial the long distance number?
  • No. Just pick up the phone and dial your numbers in one consecutive sequence. Simply dial 10-10-925 and then 1+ area code + number for calls to North America and the Caribbean or dial 10-10-925 + 011 +country code + city code + number for all your international calls.
Do I have to make my Long Distance calls at a certain time of the day to save with Yak?
  • No. Our super low rates apply 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Can I use 10-10-Yak to send faxes?
  • Absolutely. 10-10-Yak (925) can be used to place regular telephone calls or to send faxes.
Can I use 10-10-Yak while I travel?
  • At the moment, 10-10-Yak (925) is only available from your residential telephone line. But we do offer the Yak Travel Card - a calling card that allows you to make calls from Canada and the United States to anywhere in the world. Get our great rates with all calls billed on a monthly Yak invoice.
Is 10-10-Yak affiliated with my local phone company?
  • Yak uses local phone companies as third party billing agents, but that’s pretty much all we have to do with them.
Is 10-10-Yak Compatible with all Telephone providers??
  • The 10-10-YAK service only works with Landlines from the following providers: Allstream, Bell, Bell Aliant, Cogeco Quebec, Eastlink, MTS, Rogers, Sasktel, Shaw, Telus, and Videotron.
Setup Issues
  • When you first boot up the Set top box, if you see a black screen but you can still access the Guide, please restart your Set top box. If you have more than 1 Set top box, restart them all.
Restart (Power Cycle) your Set-top box and modem
  • Restarting the Set-top box or Set-top box and modem/router cam often restore the Set-top box quality of service. Try restarting to solve your issue.
  • Power off both your modem/router and Set-top box, wait 60 seconds and turn on the modem/router. Once the modem/router are connected, power on the Set-top box.
DVR issues
  • An external USB 2.0 harddrive, maximum 3TB is required to enable DVR functionality.
  • USB sticks or unpowered USB devices will not work.
  • Restart (Power cycle) your Set-top box with the Hard Drive connected and turned on.
Missing Channels
  • Are you missing a specific add-on channel or theme pack that you have ordered? Call / Chat
  • Are you seeing an error message, frozen, choppy or distorted video? Could be technical difficulties from the channel, weather related, or try Restarting (Power cycling) your Set-top box.
Image Quality / No Image
  • Do you see an error message? Try restarting.
  • Does the guide work? Can you see channel 1? Try restarting.
  • Are you seeing an error message, frozen, choppy or distorted video? Could be technical difficulties from the channel, weather related, or try Restarting (Power cycling) your Set-top box.
  • Are you using PLCs, MoCA, HDMI splitters or other devices? Try removing them and connecting the Set-top box directly to the modem and restart (Power cycle) the Set-top box and modem/router. If the problem continues you can rule out the PLCs or other devices as the problem.
Sound Quality
  • Check the volume / mute for your TV and Set-top box. Make sure you are on the right input for your TV.
  • Does the issue occur on just one channel, some or all? If there is no sound at all try Restarting (power cycle) the Set-top box and any connected sound system.
  • Single or a handful of channels with audio problems are often resolved quickly by the channels themselves. If you have restarted and are still experiencing no sound, try another device like a DVD player or game console to see if your TV / sound system is working. Try a different input on the TV.
Boot-up problem
  • Do you see an error message when you power on the Set-top box? Try restarting (Power-cycle) the Set-top box and modem/router.
PLCs (Power line connectors)

What are PLCs?

  • PLCs are adapters that allow you to use the electrical wiring in your home instead of connecting an ethernet cable over long distances. Important - Check your fuse panel, if you have glass fuses (older homes) you cannot use PLCs.

Do I need PLCs?

  • If your Set-top box is going to be far away from your modem/router and it is not convenient to run an ethernet cable, you can use PLCs.

How many PLCs do I need?

  • You need one PLC connected the modem/router and one for each of the Set-top boxes that is not connected by ethernet.
  • If you have 1 Set-top box and it will be far from the modem you need 2 PLCs
  • If you have 2 Set-top boxes and both will be far from the modem you need 3 PLCs
  • If you have 2 Set-top boxes and only 1 will be far from the modem you need 2 PLCs
  • If you have 3 or 4 Set-top boxes you will need 1 for each that is not connected to the modem by ethernet, plus one for the modem/router.
PLC Resync procedure

To begin resync procedure, both PLCs must be powered on and do not require an ethernet connection. The PLC's will automatically enter sleep mode after 60 seconds of ethernet inactivity, you can resync your PLC's in the same room and move one to another room after.

Two PLC's

  • Press and hold the security button of PLC A for 10 seconds, release the button (no light status change)
  • Press and hold the security button of PLC B for 2 seconds, release the button (power light will flash)
  • Press and hold the security button of PLC A for 2 seconds, release the button (power light will flash)
  • After a few seconds, the "DATA" light will light up on both PLC's.

Adding a Third PLC

  • Press and hold the security button of the PLC that is joining the network for 10 seconds, release the button (no light status change)
  • Press and hold the security button of the PLC that is joining the network for 2 seconds, release the button (power light will flash)
  • Within 2 minutes of the joining PLC entering sync mode, press and hold the security button of either of the two sync'd PLC's for 2 seconds (power light will flash)
  • After a few seconds, the joining PLC DATA light will be on solid.

How to use the service

How do I activate my set-top box?

Use the login credentials to get started watching TV. Your login credentials can be found on your Welcome Letter, listed as Activation Code and Password/PIN.

How do I pause, rewind and fast forward live TV?

Buttons for each of these functions can be found on your remote control.

Just be aware that you’ll only be able to rewind the channel you’ve been watching, and you can only rewind to the time when you began watching. We also recommend not rewinding past 1 hour or making simultaneous recordings.

How do I do the all-in-one search?

To search for a show, hit the yellow Search button on your remote. The results page will appear after you enter your search terms.

This is where you will be able to see episodes of relevant shows, schedule a recording, set a reminder, or set your box to auto-tune to a channel at a specific time. You can also review and clear your search history on this page.

How do I get to the Home Screen?

To get to the Home Screen, simply click the Menu button on your remote control. Once there, you will be able to scroll through each channel via the mini-guide.

You will also be able to see your “Most Recently Watched” and “Most Watched on TV” sections on this page. The Home Screen is also where you can access your recordings or make changes to your settings.

How much TV can I record?

The Cruzr hard drive provided with your set top box can typically record 50 hours of HD content.

Can I access my content by transferring my USB to another set-top box or to another device (e.g. PC)?

Because of content provider privacy rules, you will only be able to access your recordings on the home box that has your USB flash drive plugged into it. At this time, other devices are not supported for our TV service.

How do I get the best performance out of my PVR?

To keep your PVR running smoothly, we recommend you minimize the number of programs you have stored at any one time (ideally keeping your storage under 70%). We also recommend not making multiple recordings at once to avoid added stress on your Cruzr.

If you require more storage space, our PVR will work with many external powered 2.0 USB drives.

How do I browse for shows?

Pressing the Guide button on your remote will allow you to easily browse through channels and programs. Finding the perfect show to watch should be easy since most shows will now include a descriptive summary and artwork.

How do I make a recording?

To start a recording, simply hit the Record button on your remote control.

You can either start recording the show you’re currently watching or you can browse through the Home Screen to find and set a show to record at a later time.

How do I start a recording series?

Hit the Record button twice to start a recording series.

A list of upcoming recordings can be accessed through the Home Screen. There, you can modify the timeslot and channel of upcoming recordings. You can also set to record only new episodes or limit the number of episodes you want to be recorded.

Is there a way to see only the channels I’m subscribed to?

Yes, there is. When you are in the Guide screen, pressing the Guide button on your remote will toggle different channel lists. Keep pressing the Guide button until you see your “Subscribed” channel list, which will show you only the channels you are subscribed to.

Pressing the Guide button will also let you toggle through All channels, HD-only channels and your customized list of Favorite channels (see Question 14).

How do I update my PIN or enable parental controls?

To update your PIN and change other settings, go to the Home Screen and click on Settings. From there, click on bold User Settings. You will then be prompted to enter your PIN, after which you will be able to change your PIN and modify other settings.

(NOTE: When you signed up, you will receive a welcome letter that contained your default PIN. This is the PIN you should use if you have never changed your PIN before.)

How do I enable/disable parental controls and block channels?

You can make changes to parental control settings via User Settings. Simply go to the Settings page from the Home Screen and then click on Preferences. After entering your PIN, you will be taken to a screen where you can restrict content based on content rating (e.g. PG) or sub-rating (e.g. L - Adult Language). You will also be able to block channels on this page.

How do I create a Favourites list?

To create a favourite channels list, press the Menu button on your remote and select the Favourites icon on your Home Screen. You will then be able to name your Favourites list and select the channels you want to be included.

How do I create a program reminder?

To create a reminder, select an upcoming show either from the Guide page or from your All-in-One Search results. Once you have selected the show, you can select the Reminder icon. A program reminder will now appear on screen when the show is about to begin.

How do I set up a program Autotune?

To set your box to autotune to a specific channel when a program begins, follow the same process outline in Question 15 but this time select Autotune instead of Reminder.

How do I create an account for my child?

To set up a sub-account with additional restrictions, go to Settings and then select Users. After entering your PIN, select the Add button on the bottom left of the screen. You will then be prompted to enter info for the new user, including any content restrictions you wish to impose.

How do I set an account as Login Required?

To make it so that a user must log in each time the set-top box is booted up, go to the Settings page and then select Preferences. After entering your PIN, select the checkmark for Require Login and then save your settings by pressing submit.

How do I change my language preference?

By default, your language will be chosen based on your Distributel account language preference. However, if you wish to make a change to your TV service, go to Settings and then click on Preferences. After entering your PIN, change your desired language (English or French).

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