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HOMERUN Internet 75

An exclusive Internet offer like no other, in partnership with our friends at GeekSquad

  • High Speed 75 Mbps Internet
  • Geek Squad Home Membership
  • Geek Squad 24/7 Support
  • Wi-Fi Modem, Virus Protection & 1TB Data Backup Included

Add Unlimited for only $0
  • 75 Mbps
  • 10 Mbps
  • Wi-Fi Modems

A secure Internet device delivering a cable Internet connection to your household. Connect up to four devices through Ethernet connections and add additional devices wirelessly (Wi-Fi). Please note that all our equipment is covered by a 1 year warranty from purchase date for parts and labor & equipment may be refurbished.

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Rent $8.95
Purchase $99.95

Download at your own pace

75 Mbps Download time
Photo HD 2 MB 0.21 seconds
Music 5 MB 0.53 seconds
Video HD 50 MB 5.33 seconds
Movie HD 700 MB 1.24 minutes

Taxes not included. Distributel supplied modem required and can be purchased (new or refurbished) or rented; specific fees vary based on modem selection, plus a one-time $10 Shipping fee. Refurbished equipment is based on availability. A $30 Activation Fee and a $50 Installation Fee apply to new Distributel Internet customers. A $60 Installation Fee applies to Internet reconnections and/or changes of address. Overage on capped plans will be charged $1/GB to a maximum of $50/month if monthly transfer limit (combined download and upload) is exceeded. Offers and specific plans available where technology permits. Regular rate $ . Use of Distributel services are subject to our Acceptable Use Policy. Terms and Conditions apply.

Operating System Windows Vista SP2
OS 10.4
CPU 1.8 GHz
2.1 GHz
RAM 2 Gb
Network Card (in end Computer) Gigabit Ethernet (1Gbps)
Network card