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Yak Basic Digital Home Phone

Get your first month Free

  • Unlimited local calling
  • Great rates with bundled Long Distance
  • 12 popular calling features such as call display, voice mail and call waiting

Included Features

  • Call Display
    See who’s calling before answering.
  • Voicemail
    Access messages remotely.
  • Caller ID Block
    Keep calls private by blocking outgoing name and number.
  • Call Waiting
    Accept calls while already on a call.
  • Visual Call Waiting
    See who’s calling while already on a call
  • Speed Dialing
    Setup and use several numbers to quickly dial a call.
  • 3-Way Calling
    Talk with 2 people in different places at the same time.
  • Call Forward
    Automatically forward calls to any phone number.
  • Free Inter-Yak Calling
    All calls between Yak digital home phone customers are free.
  • Service Codes
    Three-digit dialing for public information and referral services.
  • Free Listing (Optional)
    Decide to list assigned number for public lookup access.
  • Keep existing number at no additional cost
    Transfer existing phone numbers to a new Yak home phone account.

Yak Basic Digital Home Phone

Get your first month Free

Long Distance Rates

If you are a Yak Digital Home Phone customer, you will receive our exclusive rate of 2.9 ¢/min to Canada and the United States.
For rates in other countries, please see below:


Description Yak Digital Home Phone Rate

"Yak Digital Home Phone with Long Distance Add-ons. Bundle & Save!"


With Yak Talk Always World
  • 1000 minutes international calling
  • Over 25 World Destinations


With Yak Talk Basic CA/US
  • 200 minutes per month, Canada/US calling
  • Great per-minute rates for overtime and international calling


With Yak Talk Extra World
  • 500 minutes international calling
  • Over 25 World Destinations

Cisco SPA122 Digital Home Phone Adaptor

The Cisco SPA122 is the latest Digital Home Phone Adapter (Analog Terminal Adapter). Features a built in router to separate your home phone network from other devices.

The Cisco SPA122 ATA with Router:

  • Enables high-quality digital phone service with a comprehensive feature set through a broadband Internet connection
  • Uses advanced voice quality-of-service capabilities
  • Supports simultaneous voice and data use
  • Is compatible with all industry voice and data standards and common telephone features

The Cisco SPA122 ATA with Router includes two standard telephone ports, each can support an independent phone number, for use with fax machines or analog phone devices. It also features one fast Ethernet WAN port, and one fast Ethernet LAN port for a local home network connection.

Options Price
Rent $5/month
Purchase $60

Yak Basic Digital Home Phone

*Taxes not included. Distributel supplied ATA is required and can be purchased (new or refurbished) or rented. Refurbished equipment is based on availability. When bundled with Internet and other services, activation, installation and shipping fees are same as Internet (charged once). When not bundled with Internet, one-time $5 shipping fee applies. If more than one phone handset is required, we recommend a Multi handset cordless phone set (not supplied by Distributel). The main phone is plugged into the ATA and all other phones are cordless. Landline phone jacks will no longer be active. Use of Distributel services are subject to our Acceptable Use Policy. Terms and Conditions apply.

911 information:

The 911 service provided by Distributel differs in an important number of ways from traditional 911 or Enhanced 911 (E911) services available with most traditional telephone lines and has specific limitations relative to E911. For more information, please read the terms and conditions