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Address of the telephone number(s) to be transferred:
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Request to transfer telephone number(s)
I certify that I am the authorized account holder for the telephone number(s) listed below and I authorize Distributel to transfer the telephone number(s) from my current local service provider to Distributel.

I understand that it is my responsibility to arrange for the cancellation of my local telephone service with my current local telephone service provider for this/these number(s) after Distributel's Home Phone Service has been installed and is fully functional.

Number(s) to transfer:

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General conditions of telephone number(s) transfer

Distributel would like to ensure a smooth transfer of your telephone number. Please consult your current telephone bill to confirm that the name and address you provided to Distributel matches the information from your current local telephone bill.
Please be aware:

  • Distributel will work with your current local service provider and other carriers to fulfill the transfer of your telephone number. It is possible that you may experience delays in the process that are beyond Distributel's control.
  • Distributel will follow Industry Guidelines and Standards when transferring your telephone number(s).
  • In rare cases, transfer of telephone number(s) can result in a temporary loss of local telephone service and other telecommunication services (e.g., High Speed Internet). Please contact a Distributel Customer Service Representative if this does occur, so that we can rectify the situation a quickly as possible.
  • When transferring any telephone number(s) the current features or set up (including long distance, internet and other services attached to your telephone number) will not carry over with the transfer.
  • If you have a contract term associated with the telephone number(s) you are transferring, you are responsible for all termination fees.

* Please confirm you have read and understand the additional information detailed above. By checking this box, you accept the requirements for Distributel to transfer any telephone number(s) you have provided.

Your information is secure and will remain confidential.

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