Long distance for your cell

Did you know that you can cut down your cell phone bill by using Distributel long distance? Most cell phone users make a least a few long distance calls a month. With your cellular carrier, long distance calls within Canada can cost over 50¢ per minute. With Distributel, you'll get the best rates around, no matter where you call.
  • You can take advantage of any Distributel long distance plan from your cell phone.
  • With most of our plans, you can activate Long Distance Plan Sharing and use a single plan for up to 3 phone lines (home or cell) for no extra charge.

The plans we recommend

For use on your cell phone, here are the long distance plans that we recommend:
  • For those who make only a few long distance calls, we recommend the Cosmopolitan 200, which entitles you to 200 minutes of long distance to Canada, the U.S. and 25 other countries.
  • For medium users, there is the Cosmopolitan 400, wich gets you 400 minutes to Canada, the U.S. and 25 other countries.
  • For heavy users, we recommend the My Province Unlimited or Canada/USA Unlimited plans.

How to place a call

Once you've signed-up for a Distributel long distance plan on your cell, just follow these four easy steps.
1. Find your local access numbers.
2. Dial your Distributel local access number and press Send.
3. Once you hear a dial tone, enter the long distance number you wish to call (without pressing Send a second time).
4. Talk as much as you'd like.Remember that calls to your Distributel access number will be considered regular airtime by your cellular carrier (i.e. your "minutes" will be used).
Taxes not included. New customer accounts are subject to a $10 Activation Fee. Terms and Conditions apply. Use of Distributel services is subject to our Acceptable Use Policy.


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