Distributel Permanently Waives Data Overage Charges on all Internet Plans

Company responds to the evolving needs of its customers

TORONTO – May 28, 2020: Distributel Communications Limited is proud to announce that we have eliminated internet overage charges permanently on all current plans for our customers. In March, we communicated that we would temporarily waive these fees to support the large number of customers whose families are working and learning from home. Today’s decision reflects our customers’ changing needs and furthers our commitment to doing what’s right for Canadians.

“Our customers’ satisfaction is extremely important to us. They told us that they truly appreciated having data caps removed and that it made a real difference for them,” said Matt Stein, CEO of Distributel. “We thought about extending the program past the initial three months, but we quickly realized that customers’ needs have changed for the long term. The right thing to do was to eliminate these charges permanently. The internet has become such an essential part of our lives, that we want to make sure our customers can stay connected without ever worrying about additional charges.”

We listen to our customers and continue to respond to their evolving needs. This change is effective immediately across all capped plans, and no further customer action is required.

This is a time of change for everyone – our customers, our employees, and our partners. Our business continuity plans and practices have allowed us to continue supporting Canadians throughout this period. We are grateful for the tremendous efforts of our employees, customers, vendors and partners—all of whom continue to be there for one another.

“We’re all still adapting to this new world, and it’s clear that even as pandemic restrictions begin to lift, there are going to be long-term changes to how we work, learn and live,” said Stein. “Today more than ever, the internet enables many of the things we value most: keeping loved ones close, learning and developing, interacting with customers and colleagues, and recharging at the end of the day. We’re very proud that we can play such an important role in Canadians’ lives.”

About Distributel

Established in 1988, Distributel is a leading national, independent telecommunications provider offering a wide range of business and residential communications services. 100% Canadian-owned, with offices across the country and a national network, Distributel continues to forge new partnerships and bring innovative solutions to market directly and through a thriving wholesale division. ThinkTel, the Business Services Division of Distributel, is a provider of advanced voice and data services for the SMB and Enterprise markets throughout Canada. TV services provided through TotalTV Inc., an IPTV service provider that operates in Ontario and Quebec. As a top Microsoft Solutions Partner and a Cisco PMP, the Business Services division is focused on driving industry innovation. For more information, visit: www.distributel.ca.

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