Distributel Brings 1Gbps Speeds to Ontario Consumers

Providing higher Internet speeds and making an impact on consumer choice, access and price

TORONTO, February 3, 2020 – Distributel Communications announces today that it has launched its 1Gbps residential Internet service in Ontario. As a leading national communications provider, Distributel is amongst the first to bring this speed to the vast majority of Ontario consumers. The new plans are now available from Distributel and details can be found on the website.

“By delivering this speed to Ontario residents, we’re giving consumers more choice,” says Brad Fisher, Distributel’s Chief Revenue Officer. “At Distributel, we’re focused on meeting the needs of Canadians through increased fairness, affordability, and choice. Offering speed options up to 1Gbps, at competitive prices, best serves the needs of today’s smart home consumer.”

When a customer chooses Distributel 1Gbps Internet, they are better enabled to enjoy:

  • 4K Media Streaming – across all home video platforms
  • Highest Internet speed category available in Ontario
  • Bandwidth to handle many more connected devices simultaneously in the home

Perfect for the Smart Home, new and existing customers on this service can have more active devices connected simultaneously than ever before. With some of the fastest speeds in the country, customers can download HD movies in as low as 30 seconds or a 35GB file in as low as 5 minutes.

“With today’s homes being connected to more devices than ever, there’s a lot of demand among Canadians for seamless Internet activity,” mentions Fisher. “And that’s ultimately what we want to provide to our customers: a best-in-class user experience with high-speed downloading, consistent uploading and smooth browsing.”

About Distributel Communications Limited

Established in 1988, Distributel is a leading national, independent telecommunications provider offering a wide range of business and residential communications services. 100% Canadian-owned, with offices across the country and a national network, Distributel continues to forge new partnerships and bring innovative solutions to market directly and through a thriving wholesale division. ThinkTel, the Business Services Division of Distributel, is a provider of advanced voice and data services for the SMB and Enterprise markets throughout Canada. TV services are provided through Zazeen Inc., an IPTV service provider that operates in Ontario and Quebec. As a top Microsoft Solutions Partner and a Cisco PMP, the Business Services division is focused on driving industry innovation. For more information, visit distributel.ca.

For more information:
Rosa Montes, Communications Manager, Distributel
T: 437-317-3856
E: rosa.montes@distributel.ca