Distributel Applauds CRTC Move to Help Canadian Consumers

Decision to lower wholesale broadband prices will promote high-speed internet innovation, choice and competition

TORONTO – August 15: Distributel Communications Limited applauded the CRTC decision to reduce wholesale high-speed internet rates – a decision that will drive better competition, more investment, greater affordability, and improved choice for Canadian consumers.

“Today’s decision by the CRTC is great for Canadian consumers. By correcting the wholesale rates and lowering them to a fair and reasonable level, the CRTC is opening the door for the industry to innovate and offer great services at fair prices. Canadians benefit from decisions like this one, and we applaud the CRTC for taking such important steps,” said Matt Stein, CEO, Distributel Communications Ltd.

The CRTC — as a regulator protecting consumers and promoting the public interest – has made decisions with the stated intention of supporting market and consumer choice. The CRTC had found the original rates proposed by the large Telco and Cable companies to be “neither just nor reasonable”. Higher wholesale rates would impede competition and ultimately harm consumers.

The CRTC’s decision to correct the wholesale rates and lower them takes real steps to promote innovation and competition, as Ian Scott, Chairperson and CEO of the CRTC states: “As the demand for faster broadband speeds grows, we are putting measures in place to ensure Canada’s Internet market remains dynamic.”

“We completely agree with Chairperson Scott’s assessment and appreciate his and the CRTC’s leadership in this critical marketplace, Canadians win with this decision” said Mr. Stein.

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