Competition Bureau Canada Report Confirms Positive and Growing Role of Independent Internet Service Providers

Distributel supports increased focus on choice, affordability and fair access

TORONTO – August 7, 2019: Distributel Communications Ltd. has endorsed the findings of the Competition Bureau’s recent report Delivering Choice: A Study of Competition in Canada’s Broadband Industry. The report is unequivocal in its support for independent internet service providers and the critical role they play in promoting competition, offering consumers choice, and providing greater affordability for Canadians.

“The Competition Bureau’s report stated that internet access is the engine of Canada’s digital economy, and we couldn’t agree more,” said Matt Stein, CEO, Distributel Communications Ltd. “Distributel has been, and will continue to be, guided by the belief that every Canadian deserves access to affordable high-speed Internet. Only when Canadians experience fair access is the marketplace putting consumers first.”

The report noted that more than 1,000,000 Canadian households have chosen independent service providers to access internet services, and that this segment continues to grow. Households choosing independent service providers also reported higher satisfaction than consumers opting for traditional providers. The report went on to say that “the wholesale access regime appears to be fulfilling its promise to bring about greater consumer choice and increased levels of competition for Canadian consumers.”

“This study is very timely as we enter a new phase of internet services with higher speeds and greater innovation,” said Mr. Stein. “As the digital economy becomes even more important to our prosperity and competitiveness, the importance of consumer choice will also continue to grow. We are committed to working with partners across government and industry to eliminate remaining barriers to competition in order to increase access to the benefit of all Canadians.”

Delivering Choice: A Study of Competition in Canada’s Broadband Industry was the result of a year-long market study undertaken by the Competition Bureau to evaluate the state of competition in Canada’s broadband industry. Distributel participated in the process by providing executive interviews, contributing feedback and industry statistics via a formal submission, and taking part in consultations on behalf of the industry as requested by the Competition Bureau.

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