A Victory for Canadians: Distributel Pleased with Unanimous Dismissal of Big Telcos’ Appeal

Company calls the Federal Court of Appeal’s ruling a “clear validation of CRTC wholesale decision” TORONTO – September 10, 2020: Distributel Communications Limited is pleased with the Federal Court of Appeal’s decision today. Court judges ruled unanimously to reject all aspects of the big telecom and cable companies’ appeal of the CRTC’s August 2019 decision, which directed the incumbents to establish fair wholesale internet rates. Distributel has always maintained that the CRTC’s decision was just and well thought-out: lowering rates will bring about more choice, more innovation and better value for Canadians. “This is a victory for Canadians,” said Matt Stein, CEO of Distributel. “The big telecom and cable companies are taking every avenue they can pursue to challenge Canada’s longstanding practice of ensuring fair pricing and healthy competition. It’s clear today that no judge saw any basis for this appeal—and they determined that the CRTC’s thorough process was well-reasoned, fair and just.” The CRTC’s decision was based on a three-year process of detailed research and in-depth consultation. The court’s dismissal of the appeal represents a clear validation of the CRTC and its role in protecting Canadians’ interests. “The events of 2020 have proven that affordable internet access is absolutely essential to all aspects of our lives,” said Stein. “Distributel’s goal is to ensure all Canadians have affordable access to compelling offers, products, and choice. We are eager for the mandated lower rates to come into effect so Canadian consumers can finally benefit from the fair prices, innovation and competition that they deserve.”  

About Distributel

Established in 1988, Distributel is a national, award-winning, independent communications provider offering a wide range of business and residential communications services. In 2020, the company proudly achieved certification as a Great Place to Work®, and it has also earned recognition for its progressive, collaborative workplace. 100% Canadian-owned, with offices across the country and a national network, Distributel continues to forge new partnerships and bring innovative solutions to market directly and through a thriving wholesale division. ThinkTel, the Business Services Division of Distributel, is a provider of advanced voice and data services for the SMB and Enterprise markets throughout Canada. The company offers TV services through TotalTV Inc., an IPTV service provider that operates in Ontario and Quebec. As a top Microsoft Solutions Partner and a Cisco PMP, the Business Services division is focused on driving industry innovation. For more information, visit: www.distributel.ca.   For further information: Andrea Lekushoff Broad Reach Communications T: 416-435-2569 E: alekushoff@brpr.ca